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Bridal Preparation: Top Tips!

Carissa Jones - Wednesday, April 06, 2016
I love bridal preparations......the excitement, the laughter, the atmosphere and a part of the day which should be stress free for the bride as she can sit back and enjoy being pampered. 


Cirencester Wedding Photographer 


Our day starts when we arrive at the hotel or at your home and the first thing we do when we walk in the room....other than saying hello to everyone...we scan the room look at the  lighting, check out what's going on, where make-up and hair is taking place and who's around. Then we get started taking photos naturally throughout the preparations, capturing the Bride getting ready as well as bridesmaids and photographing little details such as the dress, shoes and jewellery. 


            Cirencester Wedding Photographer


            Bridal preparation is different for everyone and that's why I wanted to share my top 5 tips for Bridal Preparation but from a photographers point of view and I have asked some professional Make-up and Hair Stylists to share their tips too....I mean I know about photographing bridal preparation but not a clue when it comes to the hair and make-up! So grab a cuppa and have a good read as there is lots of brilliant advice coming up to get you prepared for the big day!


            Cirencester Wedding Photographer


            My Top 5 Tips - Photograph Ready!


            1. We take photos of all the details such as the dress, shoes, jewellery, tiara, flowers, perfume. It's good to put all of the items you want photographed in one spot in the room, this way we can photograph this when we want with out having to ask you or the bridesmaids where the items are. 


            2. Be aware of what your wearing and not just you, your bridesmaids too. You will need to wear clothing which can be taken off without being pulled over the head especially after your hair is beautifully styled but it's also important to think about what your wearing because it will be photographed. Some Brides and bridesmaids wear matching items such as personalised tops, PJ's or matching colours.


            3. Your bridesmaids are their to support you and the one thing which is such a big help on the day is tidying away anything that does not need to be in the room, just little things like removing the breakfast tray and hiding suitcases/bags all make a big difference and don't need to be seen in photos.  


            4. Timings. It's a good idea for the bridesmaids to be ready before you, this way they are dressed and ready to go. Also the bridesmaids will help you with your dress and it will look so much nicer in the pictures if their ready.


            5. Most you and enjoy it!! Have a glass of champagne, a bite to eat and a good giggle after all it's your wedding day. We stand back and capture you naturally and the more relaxed and happy you are....the more relaxed you will be with your wedding photography.


            Cirencester Wedding Photographer


            Over to the experts in hair and Make-Up -  All four of the experts have kindly shared some advice with us and great advice it is. We can recommend all four of the experts, not only have we worked with them but they are amazing at what they do and are very lovely ladies indeed!


            Top 5 Hair Tips from Updoo


            1. Book your Bridal hairstylist early and ensure to have a trial around 2-3 months before your big day 


            2. It's important to have your hair in tip top condition for your wedding so start with Colour, cut & conditioning 6 months beforehand and make sure it is in the best health and looking shiny and gorgeous for your wedding!


            3. Pinterest, Internet, Magazines get lots of inspiration to share with your bridesmaids and hairstylist. Try not to go to over the top or to different, you still want to look like you.


            4. Think of your dress neckline, accessories, are you thinking of some sparkle or maybe something soft and natural like fresh flowers? Is your hairstyle going to work with a veil if you choose to have one? These are all things you can discuss at your trial.


            5. Be honest with your stylist. If your not sure about something or would maybe like to try something different, just say. This is your special day and we just want to make you feel a million dollars & competely perfect.


            Thank you Stacey! Do pop by and check out Updoo's website




            Hair and Make-Up advice from Claire Guy Bridal Make-Up and Hair 


            As soon as you have booked your wedding date please look to book hair and make-up, often brides book this a year in advance, bridal magazines recommend 6 months, but if you leave it this late you risk not booking your first choice. A mobile hair and make-up artist comes to where you are getting ready, this means you and your bridal party don't have to worry about going to a busy salon, parking etc. Washing you hair the day before the wedding day is perfect it means your hair won't be too clean or too dirty.


            A trial is a great way to see how your hair and make-up will look on your wedding day, it is helpful to wear a top in a similar colour to your wedding dress, eg if you are getting married in Ivory a white top would be fine, this really does help when you look in the mirror when having a make-up trial, as different coloured tops can change the look of your make-up. Always wear a top that doesn't need to go over your head when your hair is being done to avoid messing it up when you start getting dressed. As relaxing as facials etc are they are not a good idea in the couple of weeks leading to the wedding day as often they can cause a breakout.


            Great advice from Claire - Thank you! Check out Claire's website


            Claire Guy


            Make-Up advice from Your Inspired Beauty


            Leading up to your wedding brides may find that their skin is dry or has outbreaks of spots. Please try and drink plenty of water in the months leading up to the big day. Also don't have a facial or facial waxing too close to your wedding day as your skin can be prone to out breaks of spots! And always remember to give yourself plenty of quiet time on your big day. Relax and enjoy


            Thank you very much Bev! Check out Your Inspired Beauty Website


            Your Inspired Beauty


            Top 10 hair and make-up Tips from Monika Vrublova


            1. Make sure you start planning your wedding hairstyle and make-up look at least 6 months before your big day - preparation is one of the key steps how to make sure you will not only look beautiful but feel amazing too


            2. When you're looking for the right hairstylist and make-up artist have a look through their work and testimonials - you need to like their style and also what other brides say about their experience


            3. Try to arrange a consultation meeting with your favourite stylist - you will have your family and friends around you on the wedding day morning and your stylist will be there too. By meeting your stylist you will know if he or she is the person you trust and will want by your side during the wedding morning preparation.If you live far or abroad, Skype or a phone call conversation is another option.


            4. When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle and make-up to suit you and your personality that will also last you the whole day and night ask your chosen stylist for a couple of recommendations.Unless you know what style you'd like it is always useful to have a professional making a couple of suggestions - at the end of the day it is your wedding day and you want to look your best


            5. Your wedding hair and make-up trial session is an absolute must! You need to know the final look for your wedding day. During your trial session your stylist can work closely with you to tweak the style or make-up to make sure you are a hundred percent satisfied and happy. You will then be sure that your wedding day preparation will happen in a completely relaxed and stress free atmosphere.


            6. Don't be in a hurry to book your trial session too soon. We recommend wedding trial at least 1-2 months before your wedding.

            Here are a few reasons why:

            - your stylist need to have an idea about your likes and dislikes ( in both hairstyles and make-up) as well as have all relevant information about you and your bridal party to be able to create those looks you'll all be happy with

            • - your skin might need special attention before your wedding to achieve that flawless look

            ( regular facials are highly recommended)

            • - if you are planning to grow your hair for your wedding day, by then the length of your hair will be just about right so the style on your trial will be more like it than a year before your wedding
            • 7. It all starts with healthy and stress free lifestyle.There's a reason for everything and so remember that keeping hydrated, eating healthy and getting enough sleep are the three absolute must to dos how to not only look but feel fabulous too! You will notice a big difference when you get these three into your daily routines.


            8. On your wedding day make sure you have your touch up bag on hand in case your make-up gets smudged and your favourite meal and drink washes away your lipstick.

            A professional make-up artist will provide you with your own touch up bag for the day.


            9. During the wedding day morning preparation make sure you enjoy your pampering hair and make-up experience. That is the time when you have a chance to stop and do nothing other than relax.


            10. When you and your bridal party is ready, don’t forget to take your make-up touch up bag and make the most of every minute of your wedding day.

                                                                    Thanks Monika great tips! Do pop by and check out Monika's Website 




                                                                    Monika Vrublova



                                                                    Thank you Stacey, Claire, Monika and Bev for all your advice and Tips!



                                                                    Cirencester Wedding Photographer

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