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Groom Preparation: 5 Top Tips!

Carissa Jones - Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not everyone loves the idea of having their wedding photographer showing up to take photos of the morning preparations, but it can be great fun and get you used to having us around! 

Groom Preparations  
There are lots of different things to think about when planning you groom preparation from location to capturing the details and i hope the following 5 tips will give you a few ideas for your wedding preparations and hopefully make this a part of your day.

Groom Preparations 

1. Details

Organise your shoes, tie, buttonhole, cuff-links, hip flask, watch etc ready for when we arrive. You may think "really they are just shoes?" but they are all little details of the big day, especially if they are personalised or gifts.

Groom Preparations

Groom Preparations

2. Location

Where are you planning on getting ready? Think about the surroundings and are you and all the groomsmen going to fit in the room. Home is a lovely location and very personal but sometimes the groom gets distracted with making sure its tidy or worrying about doors/windows being locked. Hotel rooms are great as you don't need to worry about tidying up plus it all adds to the excitement of the day and we can head to the bar for a pint, which will give you time to relax with the lads. 

Groom Preparations 

3. Suiting Up!

Ok....lots of grooms hear the words "Groom Prep" and run a mile! It's not us taking photos of you in your boxer shorts and socks, it's you doing up your top button, popping on your belt and braces, straightening out your tie, adding the cuff-links, you casually putting on your jacket  and of course sorting the button hole. These kind of shots are great  and your parents or groomsmen may assist with certain jobs which makes for a fab photo. 

Groom Preparations

Groom Preparations

Groom Preparations 

4. Activities

Weddings happen at different times of the day and sometimes you will find you have loads of time before you need to get ready, so why not plan something to do with the groomsmen such as a mini football match, plan a big breakfast either at home or on location, have a game of cards and of course the most popular activity....pop to the bar!

Groom Preparations 
5. Get Pampered!

Why not book for a manicure a few days before the wedding or on the wedding morning? Nope, not joking :0) your hands are a feature during the ceremony and nicely manicured nails beats chewed finger nails! A few other ideas such as head to the barbers for a shave and if your partners having a spray tan, you could too. 

Groom Preparations 

Hope these tips help you with planning your groom preparation, most of all enjoy it!

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